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imageGood people with nutritious mouths who clean the teeth of theirs every day are expected to enjoy a fresh non odorous breath.
Fresh inhale offers you the assurance for pro dentim (visit the next document) being near others as well as savor life without having to worry about looking for upsetting "body language" from all those near you to show you've a problem.
Unfortunately numerous things are able to generate an abnormal balance which affects our breath and will result in bad breath, otherwise referred to as halitosis.

imageThings that might cause bad breath

- unclean teeth, by lack of toothbrushing as well as flossing
- Dental plaque (now known as biofilm) is a sticky whitish film which starts to develop on teeth within 24 hours of feeding on and drinking. It has bacteria that can release toxic compounds that result in gum disease, tooth discolouration and also acid in the presence of sugars that leads to tooth decay.
- the food and drink we consume e.g. garlic, alcohol
- cigarette/cigar smoking - Tooth decay as well as gum disease can additionally lead to bad breath.

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